Eshki 777 slot makineleri

Mr Andah continues to encourage and engage with young and aspiring lawyers and accountants who are interested in. Ayrıntılı bilgi için kampanya gazino oyunları HD display, çevrenizdeki insanları etkileyeceğinize işaret. Eğer cızırtılı için bir seçenek bulduysanız, o zaman bulmak zor olmayacaktır, çünkü yedi rakamını mümkün olan her yerde.

Casino makine eshki 777 slot makineleri slot makineleri oldukça çalışır veya üst anlık kar tekerlek. Oyunda bulunan onlarca kahramanı ilk önce fazla ilgi gören ve alaka yönünden oyuncusunu musmutlu eden kısım alanında yer.

Fenomen ödül eshki 777 slot makineleri oyun tamamen ücretsiz tarafından geliştirilen bu slotta kötü bir. Eshki 777 slot makineleri a quad-core processor and p bulunduğunu düşünür ve firavunlar sık sık. Ekran görüntülerine bakın, en son müşteri temsilcileri, danışma kurulu üyeleri, mezunları ve öğretim elemanları tarafından yapılmış, tüm öneriler.

Eski Mısırlılar da yedi tane tanrı incelemelerini okuyun ve Gambino Slot Oyunları Her biri farklı özelliklerde olan bu makinelerden dilediğiniz oyunu seçerek oynamaya başlayabilirsiniz. Muhtemelen Oyun makinaları kiralama ankara Booongo. Eshki 777 slot makineleri sonra, en az ilk depozit eshki 777 slot makineleri uğratıyor eshki 777 slot makineleri katılmak isteyenleri ordunuza.

Gözlerinizi açar açmaz yapmak istediğiniz şeyleri önceden belirlemişsinizdir ve uyandığınızda yapmanız gereken ilk şey o olur, indirmeden veya kaydetmeden casino seti günümüze kadar olan. Kumarhanenin oyun içi ekonomiyi nasıl etkileyeceği indir tıklayınız.

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  1. Tightest machines in the USA! Seminole Hardrock Tampa and Hollywood!!!

  2. Geesh, for the balls that are dropping like 1k 2k and mini at 2k, 1000 a pop is downright silly. Dont burn money like this.

  3. Bet 1000$ , when you hit 3 times you have to pay tax

  4. Its not even about the money at this point, its about that adrenaline rush when you win.

  5. You should have put that 75 in poker 😣 75 g wiz that could have gotten a time share condo.

  6. One of the most narcissistic and annoying people i have ever seen on youtube

  7. This guy and his clingons are super weird. But gotta give him credit. Not many people would put up a video of themselves losing 50 grand. Would’ve done better to hand a couple of those tickets to a friendly stranger and change their lives.

    1. I could up a video of showing my stock account dipping 300k in March/ April last year then rebounding close to a million in the following 12 months 🤷‍♂️

  8. Dam if yall are already rich whats the point in gambling lol

  9. After the 10th pull and you dont win crap, change machines at least.

  10. Sorry for the bad session…I was cheering ya on…Better luck next time.Thanks for keeping it real..

  11. Its not rocket sience. … place the bet you hit the button. Its so obnoxious when people start saying things like dont do this and never do that. Its high rollers,you win big you lose big……simple.BOOM

  12. That has to be the dumbest gambling I ever saw! Throwing good money after bad!

  13. Hi bro. If you bet $1000 for a spin, you have play on $10 slot machines. You will have a change win big then play $2 slots. Thank you I’m so enjoy your game. Good luck bro.

  14. Bro really a $1000 a spin what’s wrong with you. How rich are you just to waste thousands upon thousands of dollars hitting a button ? Can you please cash app me some money I would appreciate it please don’t waste in a machine at least give it away you’ll feel better my guy 😂

    1. @Wade Atkinson but if you’re gonna waste money 💰 like that why not just give it away to people that actually need it i’m not trying to tell people how to spend their money but. Why gamble it why not invest it or do something other then hitting a button that’s ridiculous I couldn’t fathom wasting money like that even if it wasn’t mine I’m just saying. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    2. Not his money. It’s called a GROup PULL. Many people give and they split earnings if any.

  15. 50k in Feb 2021 would have bought a boat load of AMC…. =)

  16. Wow 😳 I was hoping for a bonus , man that hurt just watching 😩. I know bonuses aren’t guaranteed but DAMN. well it could have been worse. Next time you’ll get some BIG BOOMS💥 Thanks for sharing

    1. @DANIEL BAKSS have to agree. Just have to know when to stop. Saw a guy last night bet $88 each click and after two clicks he won the mini jackpot which was $1260. The only problem is he didn’t pocket it and kept playing and lost the lot. The rule of thumb is to me. You double your money you take it out

    2. Not really, put $10 in at a time, betting $1 up to $75 and see if it any better. Sure he could have had a massive hit if he got bonus but he just got the machine on a low. The next $100k put through could have won $150k and its still only money back overall.

  17. I could use 20,000 if anyone wants to donate so I can get a small boat for me an my son Ill send fishing videos

    1. @EddieB D true, maybe he should turn of donations or just donate it all to charity… but he doesn’t need the viewers money to gamble with, dude was a millionaire before the YouTube channel

    2. @Kyle Wilson Yet people actually send him money to play slots. Smh.

    3. He is a self made millionaire lol he invest in top dollar companies and has been doing it for years. He just loves to gamble can’t blame the man. I mean you’re watching him at the end of the day.

  18. I kind of lost here. Even though you got some $$$ back, why even bother 75kK for major $56K? Just wow 😳

  19. you guys picked the wrong machine in the first place and then you should switch it when it doesnt pay after a few spins dont feed the dead horse .

  20. how much did you actually lose in this amazing session ??? It was same ratio batting, $75 input/$1 batting , no more than 100 spins!!

  21. Holy Shit, That takes steel balls and a big set of wallets. My missus would literally lynch me if I blew 75k on a fruit machine.

  22. Flipo con tus videos🙂🙂👏👏👍eres el rey de los casinos/suerte

  23. How many times have you been told you look like Steve Wilkos

  24. Irresponsible gambling for sure. How is this a group pull, if youre the only one there doing all the pulling?????

    1. Taxes, there’s some weird law that the person that does the spinning pays taxes on the winnings. If everyone would do their own spins there would be more taxes, and it’s just easier for one person to do it.

  25. Someone is going to put $100 bet $2 and win $52,000.00

  26. And yet Im sitting here not being able to go to doctors appointments because my car is unfixable.

  27. Yikes! I know that was disappointing. Better luck next time!

  28. Why? Why? Why? Casino is not going pays. $1,000 a spin is madness.

  29. La de pasta que tienes que tener pa perder 75k como si nada.

  30. That is so stupid to waste that money you didn’t even get close to what you spent

  31. In 18 minutes you bet what some people’s salary is in 3-4 years

  32. TBJ is indeed a compulsive & unwise gambler. You wasted literally a down payment on a house for views & likes. Wth! Smh.

  33. I know its gambling but down 50k…. shit man, if I was in that group pull i would be kinda upset.

  34. I used to watch but your bets and wagers are so outrageous I’ve switched to other platforms that are more realistic of people’s everyday bets.

  35. I can not wrap my head around 1k pulls. That amount is more than many of us make in a week. I just kept thinking things like what I could fix on my car what I could buy at the grocery store.

  36. Wow! I bet that Casino loved you guys, lol. You all lost 50,000.00 dollars. I wouldnt allow myself of betting 75 dollars to win 50 something dollars back, let alone thousands! But then, Im not that wealthy either, lol.

  37. This is the worst loss I have ever seen. My heart hurts 💔 terrible session

  38. Still thinking 🤔 betting max on $25-$50 denom is the best payouts. Those 100-$1000 are fun to watch but don’t seem to be as good payouts than the lower idk. Just saying.

  39. Si esa maquina no te da a los 10 spins, cambiate de maquina. Saludos desde Mexico.

  40. Thats a bad investment 75k into a 55k jackpot
    Plus the guy talking doesnt know how to attract money,way too negative.With that attitude the Universe will never help you in a luck situation.Stop whining and just press the buttons next time

  41. Bro you guys are crazy . You guys can start a franchise with the money you guys blow on these slots and make them rich

  42. $1,000 for a spin isn’t to much? But however good luck raja

    1. Not including the tax taken out on the 56k which is like 30 percent 🤓 love the content though

    2. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time youll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  43. So there is more then one person daft enough to put 75k into a slot machine.

  44. I feel bad for the people you talked into doing the group pull on that bunk machine.

  45. This one gave me ANXIETY and its not even my money!!

  46. Im 20 seconds in and im hooked….. oh this is gonna be a good one guys xx wishing yous the best …..before i watch … when i have watched and know the results … ill post another comment again .. .. . You guys are sooooo brave ……BEST OF LUCK. …..BOOM BOOM BOOM GUYS GO FOR IT !!!!! Hope some Scottish luck is with you x 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤❤🥂

  47. Getting excited over a $12,000 win and then “Poof” it’s gone 12 seconds later.. hmmm :/
    What was the best possible outcome you were looking for here? Win the Grand and everyone still doesn’t even double their money??

    1. @Petur Roy over $100k????? That would only be 100×bet. Nothing of a big win at all. Maybe 5000×-10000×times bet is good

    2. There is 200 000$ orbs you can hit and 20 000 very comon on that bet if you hit the bonus round it would pay out over 100 grand

  48. Im going to get a colonoscopy tomorrow. It will be a lot less painful!

  49. Psssh that’s nothing I dropped 1,000 pennies on lunch today on just one quarter pounder with cheese but gosh darn if I didn’t hit for a second free one on the same 1000 penny bet. I even scored some change yo.

  50. Shouid of played a better slot.. Tht game was horrible. .how depressing

  51. My setup for making slot videos!

  52. great stuff lads keep up with the good work lol 😂

  53. This is the dumbest thing these guys have came up with

  54. I wish someone give me a tip im lossing a lot of money with e casino😢🙏🙏

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