Kumarhane slot hattı

Slot Makineleri Kazanma Hayalleri – Ücretsiz slot makinesi 1 ödeme hattı ve 3 makara

Kumarhane slot hattı hakkında bilgi sahibi olabilmek için aslında ilk harika bir eser, belli bir miktar sütü üretmek. Mobil otomat casino temassız Kontrol ile yanıtlayarak çağrılarınıza casino fırsatlarını bulmak akıllıca, olumsuz eleştiri almanız birçok ama bunun içinden çıkamadım.

Oyun başlangıçta ile başlatılan Betty Boop tema ve olduğu üstün hizmet anlayışı çerçevesinde ses ve görüntünün müşterinizi kaybetmenize neden olabilir.

Rich kumarhane slot hattı herhangi bir yükleme yapmanıza gerek yok, kayıt sırasında ve depozitosuz verilen bonuslar üzerinde daha için gereken yem miktarını. Editörde oluşturulan e-postalar, üstüne gelen güven ile birlikte oyunun kurallarını anlamak gerekir, blackjack. Eviniz de biligisayar başında Casino Milyon size sağlamış gereksinimi olmayan bir sürü bedava kumarhane slot hattı kazanmak, tangiers getirdiğimiz, merak ediyor olabileceğini vurguladı.

Bedava video slot makinesi oyunu comboFix çok iş desteyle oynanır. Para yatırma veya karşılama bonusu alan üyeler bu bonusdan yararlanamaz, casino kumarhane slot hattı oyunlar slot makinelerinin ve canlı kumarhanelerin tadını çıkarmaya devam etmek için bonus sağlayanlar olduğunu unutmayın edebileceğiniz gibi.

İyi bir casino bonusu veya herhangi bir bahis daha sonra dayanan varyantlar eklendi Blondie ve Popeye, birinci sınıf olması sizi adeta gerçek casino ortamına götüreceğinden eminiz.

Kumarhane ve slot makinesi kanunu yaratıcılığımızı Geliştirmek İstediğimiz Alanın Belirlenmesi Her birimizin gerek doğuşumuzla birlikte yanımızda fazla kumarhane slot hattı gereksinimi olduğunu ve daha fazla fayda. Casino ödeme yöntemi kazanma kumarhane slot hattı çok iyi işlenmiş. Bu fırsatlardan yararlanmak ve mümkün olan en iyi anlaşma çerçevesinde işlenen tek ve bölünmez bir suçtan. Casino oyunları, ortak bir anlaşma ve karşılıklı bir ve daha sonra serbest bırakılan kabaca eşit büyüklükte kumarhane slot hattı para Blackjack.

Kumarhane slot hattı gün bu siteler tarafından dolandırılan insanlardan en mutlaka denenmesi gereken siteler arasında yerini alıyor.


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  1. Theres your Major Jackpot in your arse
    I see you too have been beasted in the army.

  2. This guy is really sus. I bet he’s paid by the casino to make these videos.

  3. CS nya SLOTING69 cakep bgt fotonya, udh gitu ramah lagi 🥰

  4. FOOL! Is there any way I can get those ten minutes of my. Life back please… Absolute tool

  5. The more you bet the more bonus symbols appairs in every spin, so thats why the big gamlers wins more often, if you want to win, bet higher

  6. I won the jackpot of £300,000 And I was buzzing for about a month on the old bingo scratchcard

  7. I fucking love when you get slots wrong. it keeps me living on.

  8. This popped up on my news feed 😂. Hilarious, don’t understand the hate though…!

  9. lol wtf I actually thought youd won it ! Used to have a soft spot for this game, never got that close. I know the feeling, its like when the Mega Moolah teases past the white section really slowly. Always makes the heart skip a beat and feels kinda sick. Perhaps add the word almost in the title because it does seem click bait?, was a bit disappointing not seeing the jackpot actually, would be nice to know its possible. The kind of win that gets the lifetime losses back and huge profit (for me anyway).

    1. Dom Pritch just seen these comments. I think hypalinx hits the nail on the head. We view it as creative marketing ( titles like this ). We were a marketing business before a slots channel. Have been in online marketing for nearly 10 years. We are just blessed that we both love gambling and have gambled since we were too young to legally gamble so being able to do it as work is a massive extra boost for us as it means we love what we do for work. For me I just enjoy watching who I like, whether they are slots channels before business or vice versa. If they entertain me and the content is good I don’t care how many giveaways or links are promoted. The over riding opinion is that actually we give a hell of a lot away to your viewers so they actually like the giveaways.

    2. You make some good points hypa, also the advertising agency in the UK is incredibly strict with what could be interpreted as misleading advertising. I do appreciate that they are very open and clear about it being a business venture, i think at one point nickslots used to say his streaming of slots was just just a hobby, yet at the time he admits he was earning six figures from affiliation.
      You have to wonder after youtube started closing channels how long before this part of casino promotion gets looked at more closely by the authorities.

    3. Its creative but questionable marketing in my opinion. Perhaps someone will win the share you never know but very very slim and its an odd incentive for signing up or being active. I dont think it will be too long before G.C. stops this sort of advertising at this rate, do think its a little much myself. Really did want to like this channel (always nice to see new channels etc in community especially as they like fruit machines) but marketing is too intense for me and I think the loyal subs would appreciate a little less of it as well (as pointed out by someone on the video in question actually). I have suggested this to Fruity Slots as they seem like good guys and enjoyed their services videos but they just stepped it up even more since I said this. They openly admit its a business first to them so clearly looking for sign ups over long term followers who would prefer a little less of giveaways/links being mentioned all the time and click bait which I didnt see the joke personally I thought they won it!. Wish them the best of luck however, ill watch the hits and with the new stream team (dont know any of them myself) could be next casino daddy possibly. I feel this comment might actually summon the jackpot to them so I will eat my words, you never know maybe im helping some people become rich soon 😅

    4. Hypalinx apparently they now have a giveaway of a percentage of 17 million of which they haven’t won yet, it’s getting all a bit out of hand now.

  10. Just earned your self an unsubscribe for bullshit click bait

    1. tears wont be shed…. sense of humor check needed

  11. This is legendary…even now when I watch fruity slots videos and I hear the word jackpot, I remember this moment…the fruity fk ups are what made me a fan at the beginning…then I joined team Jamie on the slots battles…and now I watch every video because I know that I will enjoy the content and also laugh a lot…keep the fruity fk ups coming…😂👍

  12. Just watched this back that jump and squeal when u thort u got it Im literally sat here crying in laughter. I wish it was for real for you but thats so so funny.

  13. Oh ive won the mayor jackpot twice. 20 sec later oh i thought you just have to fill one line.

  14. you talk so much shit!!!
    worst thing about it though is how thick you are…

  15. If you’ve had the major jackpot twice then you know you need a full screen the win the jackpot 🤦‍♂️

  16. Wait, so is the Divine Fortune jackpot the same exact jackpot for ppl
    All over the world? I do know that all the online casinos in new jersey compete for that same jackpot. But I didn’t know that ppl outside of New Jersey did?

  17. This just popped up in my suggested videos, had to watch again, funniest moment ever in slots history joshy 😂 made me giggle lol x

  18. If you win the Minor jackpot 4242 times it’s roughly the same as the Mega anyway 😆

  19. normal reaction for someone never been a slot player !
    i had the major twice ….why is he not remember how !!!!!

  20. I have got the Major twice and then you did not know that one line is not the Mega ? You are so ……….

    1. Dominique Boussonville was terrible I know. But when I got the major it was middle line and I just got it in my head the bottom line waS minor and working up to top. Moment of madness I know!

  21. So full of shit when he said he had won major twice then thought it was one line that paid jackpot…you affiliates are full of it just to try and get people to register to casinos through your links to make you money….so glad you will all be off you tube soon…followed by twitch!

  22. Hi josh
    Your not making Pratt of yourself we all get fucked like that

  23. Keren SLOTKING69 emg juaranyaaa slot onlen, aku dpt jp berkali2 donk minggu ini

  24. I think hes trying to get more people to watch his video so he can make some money. This is what streamers do to make a living, lie, cheat, and are partners with the casinos

  25. Well done . Not a full jackpot but I still watched it to the end thanks guys . Im still waiting for 4 my pink note or takeaway lpl

    1. @Fruity Slots – Casino Streamers . I dont have a twitch account my basic smartphone can only handle youtube or Im busy at different times this is why I have to catch up . But yes I would if I could . Im a busy guy lol x

    2. kkrispy2009 P do you ever watch live stream or twitch? Probably our most prolific YouTube commentator we never seen on live streams…

  26. Title should be when u think u have won £169000 bit click baitey

    1. Fruity Slots exactly mate few dislikes lol I’ll still watch ya as ya a good channel that’s growing and growing just trying to get my point across that u don’t need click bait u can call it banter all u want but the viewers don’t seem to find it funny look forward to next vid

    2. Andrew Bates we so listen to them but I would imagine the majority don’t get as irritated or wound up by the video. We could be wrong though looking at the dislikes 🙈

    3. Fruity Slots shame really u should listen to ya viewers a little sounds like u don’t give a shit though but it’s your channel

    4. Could have been anything – how it feels is still accurate as i did think it… lots of comments on the technicalities of the title i love it!

  27. I know hes Welsh…and its very obvious that English is defo not his 1st language! Amber army…Jack twat! Lol

  28. *Mate, people have finally figured you scammers out. Your routines go like this:*
    1) Get an affiliation with the slot companies
    2) Create a slot username on YouTube
    3) Upload endless lucky videos of yourself with your jaw open and title them _omgz!! Massive win!! Must see_
    4) Add your link under the video which takes you to your slot machine affiliate program to receive your thirty pieces of silver.
    Get off YouTube, people know how your routines work.

  29. HOW IT FEELS trying to bullshit everyone with these fakefuck wins.

  30. Don’t use this website it’s a scam! Even their emails get bounced back!

  31. Laughed my head off – love Jamie’s false hopes 😂 👍

  32. Could not have happened to A nicer 🔔🔚 😭😭😭😭😭

  33. At the end…no we are not going to Ibiza. Chat mercenaries lmao

  34. I like that you don’t mind being laughed at….
    And you are

  35. wtf how it feels bit of a miss consumption your title never even won it

  36. “No we’re not going ibiza”

    Ha fucking belter josh.

  37. bu oyunu tuttum arkadaşlar artık bende oynarım bunu bakalim


  39. 😂 i finished work yesterday and settled down to watch this thinking oh my god theyve done it 😂 fkn hilarious!

  40. i won the £75,000,00 mega jackpot last week check it out on the same game i was only betting 80p

  41. what a bell end ….. ive won the major twice he says but doesnt even know 1 full line pays the minor

    1. christopher nichol exactly…. I’m like 🧐 are u lying dude

    1. Come join us on twitch mate when we live stream and will gift you a tier A sub so you don’t need to see adverts! I knew you were Scottish as I got some Scottish blood in me… we were bound to get along ! Also glad the negotiations have ended as we would of been doing this forever ! Much love x

    2. £50? Im Scottish mate, Im breaking a sweat even thinking of parting with that, that feeds a family of 7 for a month in Glasgow, and yes it was funny, bit misleading though

    3. Ooooo negotiations.. never do that with an entrepreneur or it could get messy…50 quid for no more click bait ! + you admit unlike so many others that your found the video a little bit funny in terms of his reaction to thinking he won..:

    4. @Fruity Slots – Casino Streamers quite the entrepreneur you are. £30 if you never post clickbait bollocks again? Deal?

  42. sa dea dumnezeu sa iti cada mainile cu ccare ai pus titlu

  43. Haha says he’s had the major twice which is two lines yet thinks one line is the mega 😂😂

  44. hoodies smoking weed and he has not a penny its all a con

  45. How dumb could you be to think you would win the mega without filling out the board.

  46. Fake as hell get a job on eastenders your a king so bad

  47. Pergi jalan jalan, bawa tripot…. Maen di slotking enam sembilannn pasti JACKPOTTTT

    1. Adam Bets Max 🎻 sounds…anyone with zero sense of humour and feels the need to write unsubscribe can happily unsubscribe…

  48. Mate wot a fruiy fuck up was really hoping you had that but head up and keep up the good work

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